Sunday, 24 November 2013

Error.!! Need For speed Rivals has stopped working__crash fix

all of the gamers were very exited when the game started...........

but after few training races the game crashes......

it says  Need For speed Rivals has stopped working windows is checking foe a solution.....

Most of us were very annoyed on the first time but it again crashes when we try to play the game

but now here is the solution of the crash....
it is due older driver versions of Nvidia and AMD bothe drivers

Download Latest Nvidia Drivers from here---



Download Latest AMD Catalyst Drivers from here---



  1. done update Nvidia but still the same

  2. are you getting error while the training mission of cops

    i mean at the end of the first mission of cops...??

    if its so then when you are starting the race don't go on the right side just go on the left side and then start the race the race will end with no error..!!!

    if its not this then tell me your problem that where your game is crashing.?

    and don't forget the to use the crack i have uploaded...!!!! it works only on that crack

    i will be uploading that video soon